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The KenniesBurg Address is not a famous
speech by Abraham Lincoln. The KenniesBurg Address is:


Why not pay a visit to

The Mayor's Kristmas Page

Featuring The Mayor's Kristmas Kard Kollection
(and not much else)


KenniesBurg Kuote of the Day

We're Doomed

KenniesBurg Kartoons

The KenniesBurg Science Center

The Townsfolk

The Mayor's Photo Albums

Madison Avenue

The KenniesBurg Kangaroo Kourt

The University of KenniesBurg

The KenniesBurg Konservatory of Music
The KenniesBurg Konservatory of Music

KBRG: Radio Free KenniesBurg

Ye Olde Kuriosity Shoppe
Ye Olde Kuriosity Shoppe

The KenniePlex Cinema

The KenniesBurg Travel Agency
The KenniesBurg Travel Agency

The KenniesBurg Botanical Gardens

And, as they say on TV, much, much more!
So, please stop in again sometime.
And when you do...

...feel free to look around.

Horrified Woman

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