The KenniesBurg
Travel Agency

The excellent Rough Guide travel books have migrated to the Web.

No Shitting in the Toilet
A little rougher than the Rough Guides.
Travel tips, pictures of cockroaches and much, much more.

Virtual Tourist is a map-based version of CityNet.
Click on a world map and zoom in on the area you're interested in.

Take a peek at various little nooks & crannies of the planet
via one of the many Web cams listed on Web Cam Central.

Interactive Model Train
Drive a train at the University of Ulm in Germany

The New York City Subway
Tons & tons of photos -- abandoned stations, historical pics
of construction, maps, tokens, you name it. Very interesting site!

Prefer to stay above ground?

Catch a ride in the New York Internet Cab
and watch out the front window as your cabby
drives you around the Big Apple...

The open road more your style?
Get your kicks on...
Neon Route 66 Sign

Grand Coulee Dam
Lots & lots of pics including a bunch of
historical ones showing the dam under construction.

Charles J. Evans has created some truly amazing QuickTime VRs.
See them at his site Digitalpanos Photography.

Large Canadian Roadside Attractions
Just what it says. If you like stuff that's BIG, this one's for you!


Universal Currency Converter.
Travelling to some far-flung corner of the world?
Find out what your money will be worth when you get there.