It's Christmas, 1999. Santa is paying a
visit to the Marketing Department up at The Tech.
The Mayor seems to have his eye on some new
computer gear.


Later that same day, Santa enjoys
a refreshing beveridge with one of the elves...

Another year, another Santa. This time it's
2002 and The Mayor joins his pals Sheila and
Gerry Donaldson on a visit to Market Mall. Sheila
and Jerry's son, Norm, was the elf behind the camera.
And he did a Jim Dandy job, as you can see.
Check out Sheil's light-up earrings

It's probably safe to say
they had a better time than these little chaps.

The Santa above does look a little pissed off but, overall,
he is a bit better than Luis Cunes of Quito, Ecuador,
voted the world's worst Santa in the year 2000. Congrats, Luis!

And, hey, what would a Kristmas page be without a little topical Humour?

And, hey, what would a Kristmas page be without a Kristmas Karol?

Have a Holly, Jolly, Bollywood Kristmas everybody.
here to download. (4 meg .avi video file)

If your Christmas lights came in a box that looks like this, you might want to take a trip down memory lane and check out Bill Nelson's Antique Christmas Light Museum.