Here are some KenniesBurg Kuotes which
have appeared on the KenniesBurg Home Page.

We cannot expect that the world, in hands of poets,
will suddenly be transformed into a poem.
- Vaclav Havel -

We have to remember
that nobody's in charge.
- Robert Graves -

Who needs true crime
when you've got the business section?
- Margaret Wente -

Eventually we will understand that the origin of life was not a highly improbable cosmic jest but rather an almost obligatory outcome of the chemical structures, given the right conditions.
- Christian de Duve -

My parents neglected to abuse me. I've thought about asking my wife's parents to abuse me, but it seems too little too late. I did have a stepfather who bowled.
- P.J. O'Rourke -

Self-pity is thinking nobody loves you but your mama and the blues is saying nobody loves you but your mama and she might be jiving too.
- B.B. King -

Public media should not contain explicit or implied descriptions of sex acts. Our society should be purged of the perverts who provide the media with pornographic material while pretending it has some redeeming social value under the public's 'right to know'."
- Kenneth Starr, 1987 -
(Sixty Minutes interview with Dianne Sawyer)

If you don't behave exactly as you're supposed to, you're liable to be terribly interesting.
- Anna Russel -

While the truth is getting its shoes on a lie is halfway around the world.
- source unknown -

You know the old saying: God didn't make men equal, Samuel Colt made men equal.
- Bernie Goetz -

Hell hath no fury like a vested interest masquerading as a moral principle.
- Dorothy Parker -

My ex-girlfriend is married now and has kids, and I think, phew, I escaped.
- Massive Attack member, Robert Del Naja -

I do not much like to take the tone of a moralist. But the danger of the baobabs is so little understood, and such considerable risks would be run by anyone who might get lost on an asteroid, that for once I'm breaking through my reserve. "Children," I say plainly, "watch out for the baobabs."
- Antoine de Sainte-Exupery -

There is no conflict between science and religion as
long as the God you believe in doesn't do anything.

- Michael Schermer -