The Townsfolk
Some Distinguished Residents of KenniesBurg

Take a trip down someone else's memory lane
at Wes Clark's wonderful Avocado Memories Web site.


Portrait of the Mayor

I imagine Blender in a Hot Cuppa as being like that
island The Prisoner was on. Duad lives there and he created this
original artwork (a portrait of the Mayor, I think, but I'm not really sure).
Is it really the official site of Her Majesty, The Queen? You decide.
Eat your peas, Molly.

Bossy & Nunny

are the only budgies the mayor knows of who
have their own Web site. Check it out.

To visit site of
Mahir Cagri, clicking.
He Kiss You!

Mahir Update from
New York Times!

Fred Leo puts out a great little newspaper called

Captain Canada. Say no more.

Penn & Teller are on the road most of the time.
Some good magic links, if you're into that sort of thing.

John Arundel hangs out at Moose Mansions.
Home of the Anthea Turner Depredation Society
and the Thinking Man's Crumpet of the Week.

Rodney Dangerfield spends time in
KenniesBurg cuz he gets respect here. Rodney now has
FREE downloadable answering machine messages!

Angry Kittens
Joel Veitch's site is called It's home, among other things, to The Kittens.

Jack Handey is much appreciated by websters
everywhere. Do an Alta Vista search on Jack Handey
and it'll pop up a ton of sites with his Deep Thoughts.

Or, if you prefer thoughts which are not quite so deep,
you might want to try Bon Mots from the Super Models.

A super model he ain't,  but if eclectic is your thing
you might  get a kick out of Daniel Krysak's site.  Keep your
eyeballs peeled and you might even spot a pic of Hizzoner.

There's nothing George Goble likes quite
so much as a quiet little barbecue on a Sunday afternoon.

If you visit Sup's home page, The Pleasure Dome,
don't be surprised if he asks you to bite him. Go figure.

Hizzoner, The Mayor of KenniesBurg
When he's not attending official functions, playing
host to visiting dignitaries, waging the war on crime and all that
other mayor crap, Hizzoner likes to get out the ol' Underwood
and tap out a few more pages of his novel.
Care for a sneak preview?